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The Morpheus Drop Tune allows players to drop from standard tuning down 3 1/2 steps with the click of a button and no intonation issues. Lots of information under the link.

We have several made in the USA American Guilds that were built in the Tacoma plant before the move to New Hartford. Players know these are some of the best Guilds ever made. If you are interested in a good deal on one of these NOS(new old stock) guitars, come on in or give us a call at 406-566-2223 or Email Us. Most are hanging in the Great Falls showroom.

Have a youngster who wants to get into music? Guitars of Montana has beginner instrument packs for all ages. We customize the packs for each individual's taste and pocketbook.

We have some fantastic guitar instructors on staff here at Guitars of Montana providing in-house lessons full time.

The SWR Amps are some of the most sought after bass and acoustic units available on the market today. We have several units of all sizes on the floor so come in and try them out.

We also have "folk, concert, and parlor" size guitars for those who are looking for something smaller, some priced as low as $129.99 with a gig bag.

If electric is your bag we have the guitars and amps matched up to suit any taste, country, rock, jazz, you name it.

We're impressed with the Dean guitars. They are well-made guitars and very competitively priced.